Fuel level
sensors ITALON
ITALON Fuel Level Sensors (FLS) measure fuel level in fuel tanks of the vehicles and stationary objects.
ITALON FLS are connected to GPS devices which in turn transfer all the data along with the fuel information to a server part of the solution.


We are experts in fuel consumption control and fuel cost optimization. We are looking forward for business cooperation with you and your company! We guarantee best in quality products and the highest level of customer and technical support!

We thrive to be the best in everything we do. We have local regional offices in the markets where we’re present. We provide products with the best pricing according to market needs, best sales, technical and customer support.


Our advantages:

• We are experts in fuel consumption control and fuel cost optimization

• Regional Offices all over the world

• Best in class components guarantee the highest quality of the products

• Reliable protection against interference, power outages

• Working temperature range
from –60 to +85 С

• Increased maximum supply voltage

Work with us!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • We help you with product
    installations and configuration!

  • We customize FLS
    according to your requirements

  • Flexible payment and
    supply conditions

  • 5-year warranty 


Fuel Level Sensor ITALON is the most important part of the Fuel Solution. Together with the GPS tracker’s data, our clients have all the needed information to take decisions on the fuel consumption, its optimization, detection of fillings and drainings, comparing one vehicle’s  fuel consumption rates to another one. Calculation of the percentage of fuel cost in your operations helps you leverage whether the operation is profitable for the company or not. Life-changing decisions can be taken, which will help your company become more profitable and grow your business manyfold.

  • Wireless fuel level sensor
  • Fuel level sensor (FLS) ITALON Universal (Analog, Frequency, Digital RS-485)
  • Fuel level sensor (FLS) ITALON Digital (Digital RS-232/RS-485)

Feedback from our customers

  • ООО «Глонасс-М»
    ООО «Глонасс-М»

    Letter of thanks from ООО «Глонасс-М»

    On behalf of the entire Company, ООО «Глонасс-М», Tyumen, I express my deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to the Company ITALON Ulyanovsk.
    Thank you for your cooperation. We sincerely welcome the opportunity to work with you. We are especially grateful to you and your team for decency, mutual assistance and a serious attitude to work. For hospitality and a tour of production. We sincerely wish you and each of your employees professional growth, financial stability and reliable partners. We wish your company further development and new ideas. We will try to ensure that in the future our partnerships remain mutually beneficial and fruitful.

    Commercial Director
    Glonass-M L.N. Vazhenina
  • ООО «Нова-Компоненты»
    ООО «Нова-Компоненты»

    Letter of appreciation from ООО «Нова-Компоненты»

    The company ООО «Нова-Компоненты» expresses its sincere gratitude to ITALON. During the period of our cooperation, we noted your competence, efficiency and desire to do your job efficiently and in a timely manner. Your company has become for us the ideal of mutually beneficial cooperation. We would especially like to note your managers who promptly provide the necessary information and answer all the questions in detail. We continue to plan to cooperate with you on the same positive note.

    Thank you for your professionalism!

    Director of ООО «Нова-Компоненты»
    A.S. Nedelko
  • ООО «ОБС»
    ООО «ОБС»

    Letter of appreciation from ООО «ОБС»

    ООО «ОБС» first tested fuel level sensors at the beginning of 2017. The sensor turned out to be convenient to install and configure. In the future, the fuel level sensorturned out to be very reliable to mechanical and electrical influences, easily interfaced with all trackers used.
    We consider the fuel level sensors of ITALON as one of the best in its price segment.


    Director of ООО «ОБС» D.D. Ivanov


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