Configurator update for ITALON FLEX
Configurator and firmware file update for ITALON FLEX. At the numerous requests of partners, the configurator was Russified. Some were recycled ..
Details | 18 December 2018
Italon fuel level sensor firmware update
Dear Clients ! The Italon LLC company informs you that in order to improve the quality of the Italon DUT with the trackers of some manufacturers, it is recommended to update the DUT software
Details | 20 June 2018
Explosion-proof FLS Italon
Explosion-proof capacitive fuel sensors GS. are designed to measure the fuel level in the fuel tanks of vehicles or in stationary fuel storages.
Details | 15 February 2018
Dear partners! We are pleased to announce the opening of a new warehouse in the Moscow Region.
The ITALON company does not stop there and continues to expand its warehouse network.
We are pleased to announce the opening of a new warehouse in Dolgoprudny.
Details | 30 November 2017
Configurator ITALON v1.46 Software Update
Italon has released an update to Configurator ITALON. You can download the Configurator ITALON program in the "Downloads" section, and a user guide for this configurator has also appeared.
Details | 19 October 2017
Software for FLS ITALON
At the moment, there is a problem of two ITALON sensors working simultaneously with the Omnicomm tracker, to solve this problem, we have released a separate "firmware" from the main ..
Details | 7 April 2017
Configurator ITALON v1.441 software update released
The main update in this release is a change in the sensor calibration process. At the request of customers, they made it more intuitive, simple and protected the sensor from user errors. Also, now the sensor is polled in automatic mode, there is no need to put additional checkmarks to poll the sensor during calibration.
Details | 7 April 2017
Italon in the Republic of Belarus
Dear partners!
We inform you that on July 1, 2016, the ITALON Representative Office in the Republic of Belarus began its work.
For all questions you are interested in, you can contact by phone: +375 21 226-10-48, +375 29 664-22-62, +375 44 535-01-65.
Details | 3 August 2016
New changes
Recent developments in ITALON products:

1. Thermometer
2. Analog output range
3. Configurator changes
Details | 12 July 2016


Italon specializes in production and development, implementation and integration of fuel level sensors (FLS). We invite integrators and dealers for cooperation and guarantee top-class quality and stable supplies of our products.

Our goal is to serve our clients’ need, mutual assistance and providing our partners with the best in class technical solutions. Legislation in the field of GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring is evolving and many companies have already understood how advantageous the use of fuel level sensors is. The demand for our products is actively developing and this is a great undoubted advantage for integrators.

Why us and what are our undeniable advantages?

  • High-quality technical support No matter how many vehicles you have, whether you are a small company or a large one, Italon specialists provide you with top in class services and give you as much attention as you need.
  • Flexible price policy We are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial relationships, so a program of rebates and discounts is offered to our regular customers.
  • Extended warranty period. All our FLSs are provided with a 5-year warranty. In case of malfunctioning, please feel free to contact us.
  • Low prices for the best in class quality. We care about our customers and offer affordable pricing policy.
  • When you choose Italon fuel level sensors, you can be assured of the high quality of this product. We are developing, producing and successfully introducing new technical solutions. We propose to rocket your business to the sky and pin risks to the ground. As a partner of our company, you will always have on hand a friendly team of first-class specialists!

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