The ITALON FLEX terminal - is intended for installation on a vehicle (vehicle) as an additional device that records the location of the vehicle, its speed, direction of movement. Using the monitoring system software and additional sensors connected to the ITALON FLEX tracker, a number of other TS parameters are recorded, such as:

  • accounting for fuel consumption in the presence of a special sensor (you can find out how much gasoline or oil is in the tank, as well as information about fuel drains, gas stations, average and maximum consumption);
  • quick search in case of car theft;
  • monitoring compliance with the terms of the technical inspection, serviceability of spare parts, consumables;
  • monitoring the stay of vehicles in geofences;
  • driver control (filling out personal driver cards with photo phones and descriptions, registering work shifts); weight accounting;
  • data analysis and the possibility of obtaining a report;
  • monitoring compliance with traffic schedules.


Parameter Name Value
Operating voltage +8 … +40 VDC
Built-in battery Lithium Polymer (LiPol)
GLONASS / GPS antenna Built-in
GSM antenna Built-in
Number of analog / frequency-digital inputs 4 pcs.
Number of Digital Outputs 1 pcs.
RS485 interface Yes
USB 2.0 Interface Yes, miniUSB connector
1-Wire Bus Touch memory, temperature sensors
Accelerometer yes
Integrated temperature sensor Yes
Non-volatile internal memory Yes
Number of records 100 000 pcs.
Dimensions 74х64х24 mm
Weight, no more 80 g

Satellite monitoring systems

At the moment, the ITALON FLEX tracker is integrated into most satellite-based vehicle monitoring systems and has an open Wialon IPS protocol. ITALON is open for cooperation and implementation in the system that your company uses. You can request a protocol in those. support or make a request requesting integration into the system with which your company is already working, our specialists will contact the developers for further support

Certified quality

The ITALON FLEX tracker for this is undergoing quality certification

To order a device, call  by phone


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