Fuel level sensor italon

Fuel level sensor (FLS) - a device designed for continuous monitoring of fuel consumption on vehicles of all kinds.

FLS Italon measures the fuel level in the tanks and tanks of vehicles, provides a comparison of the real and planned consumption of fuels and lubricants, shows information about refueling and drains. The sensor can be used in conjunction with satellite transport monitoring systems (GPS / GLONASS) from different manufacturers. It does not affect the operation of all other parts of the vehicle.


High precision result

FLS Italon can confidently be called one of the best options for capacitive sensors. It shows high-precision results (possible error - 1%) and at the same time has a very affordable cost. In addition, our sensor has many other advantages compared to sensors from other manufacturers:

  • the standard sensor length is 1000 mm, while all the others have 700 mm
  • no visible fasteners for added protection against sabotage
  • the sensor is supplied with a sealing kit (most manufacturers sell it separately)
  • connector and sensor seat compatible with Omnicomm FLS
  • sensor connector and pressure seal are non-separable to increase protection against fuel and moisture

Principle of operation

FLS italon

Data is transmitted to the subscriber GPS / GLONASS terminal. It doesn’t matter which input the client terminal has. The sensor has no modifications; data is read out via a serial digital (RS-485) interface, analog or frequency output. Supported LLS Data Protocol.



Parameter Name Value
Range of variation of the analog output signal: 0 to 20V
Range of variation of the frequency output signal: 30 to 2000 Hz
Digital Signal Range 0 to 4095
Digital interface with external device RS-485
DC Power Supply Voltage from 7 to 40V
Operating temperature range, ° C from minus 40 to plus 80
Relative reduced measurement error, no more 1%
Power consumption: 0.55W no more than 0.9W

Certified quality

The Italon sensor has an appropriate quality certificate. Having bought a sensor of our production, you get a reliable partner and a device that can easily and effectively cope with the task of controlling fuel. The reliability of the system is confirmed by a high level of fault tolerance and increased measurement accuracy.

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