New changes

12 July 2016
What has happened lately:
1. A thermometer appeared in our sensor, now the blocks are fully implemented   LLS protocol will be able to see the temperature, we are also actively working on the implementation of thermal compensation, which will lead to more accurate sensor readings

2. We also had to review the operation of the analog output, now the output range works depending on the on-board voltage. Thus, we have improved the noise immunity of the sensor. I would like to remind: Before calibrating the sensor, set the range of the analog output 0 to 10V with an external voltage of 12V or from 0 to 20V with an external voltage of 24V

3. Now a new configurator is available, a temperature output has been added in it, it has been adapted to the netbook screens, on the “Sensor Settings” tab you can read the values ​​of the empty full, this will facilitate verification of calibration. The configurator underwent a change in the algorithm for outputting values, the work became more stable during calibration. You can download it in the download section: downloads

Verification: 1a69414006e099e6