Configurator ITALON v1.46 Software Update

19 October 2017

Italon has released an update to Configurator ITALON.

1. In the new version of Configurator ITALON v1.46 , the installation description function has been added. Now, when filling out the calibration table, the installer can add information about the object: vehicle number, organization name and FLS: sensor number and its length.

2. Added the ability to export the calibration table to the format WIALON (txt and csv). This will allow you to import the calibration table into WIALON automatically.

3. Now, when saving the table, the data from the installation description fields are automatically inserted into the file name, and the installation date is taken from the system time of the operating system.

We are continuing to improve Configurator ITALON and ITALON FLS . In the near future, a number of updates are being prepared for the configurator, the sensor setup device, and the operation of the fuel level sensor ITALON itself.

For questions and suggestions for improving the products of ITALON , please contact your managers by phone. support or e-mail: . We welcome feedback.

You can download the Configurator ITALON program in the Downloads section .

Verification: 1a69414006e099e6