Configurator update for ITALON FLEX
Configurator and firmware file update for ITALON FLEX. At the numerous requests of partners, the configurator was Russified. Some were recycled ..
Details | 18 December 2018
Italon fuel level sensor firmware update
Dear Clients ! The Italon LLC company informs you that in order to improve the quality of the Italon DUT with the trackers of some manufacturers, it is recommended to update the DUT software
Details | 20 June 2018
Explosion-proof FLS Italon
Explosion-proof capacitive fuel sensors GS. are designed to measure the fuel level in the fuel tanks of vehicles or in stationary fuel storages.
Details | 15 February 2018
Dear partners! We are pleased to announce the opening of a new warehouse in the Moscow Region.
The ITALON company does not stop there and continues to expand its warehouse network.
We are pleased to announce the opening of a new warehouse in Dolgoprudny.
Details | 30 November 2017
Configurator ITALON v1.46 Software Update
Italon has released an update to Configurator ITALON. You can download the Configurator ITALON program in the "Downloads" section, and a user guide for this configurator has also appeared.
Details | 19 October 2017
Software for FLS ITALON
At the moment, there is a problem of two ITALON sensors working simultaneously with the Omnicomm tracker, to solve this problem, we have released a separate "firmware" from the main ..
Details | 7 April 2017
Configurator ITALON v1.441 software update released
The main update in this release is a change in the sensor calibration process. At the request of customers, they made it more intuitive, simple and protected the sensor from user errors. Also, now the sensor is polled in automatic mode, there is no need to put additional checkmarks to poll the sensor during calibration.
Details | 7 April 2017
Italon in the Republic of Belarus
Dear partners!
We inform you that on July 1, 2016, the ITALON Representative Office in the Republic of Belarus began its work.
For all questions you are interested in, you can contact by phone: +375 21 226-10-48, +375 29 664-22-62, +375 44 535-01-65.
Details | 3 August 2016
New changes
Recent developments in ITALON products:

1. Thermometer
2. Analog output range
3. Configurator changes
Details | 12 July 2016
ITALON Fuel Level Sensor Integration with Wialon Monitoring System
At the moment, our equipment is integrated with the Wialon software product.

The Wialon system allows you to quickly view the history of changes in the fuel level in the car tank for any selected period. Information can be presented in the form of a graph or report on refueling and discharge, indicating the date, as well as the exact time, location, initial and final fuel levels and the volume of refueling / discharge.
Details | 21 March 2016
Our company received a certificate of conformity in road transport (DS AT)
On August 11, 2015, Italon LLC received a certificate of conformity in road transport (DS AT), which confirms that the capacitive ITALON fuel level sensor fully complies with the requirements of TU 4573-001-25246794-2015.
Details | 19 August 2015
Configurator ITALON v1.305 software update released
In the new version of Configurator ITALON, in addition to the standard functions, a calibration table is implemented for further convenient export to a satellite monitoring program. Added graphic tank filling scale. It was also possible to import and export an empty-full FLS, which will facilitate the use of the sensor in the same conditions. And just small improvements for more convenient and simple operation.
Details | 18 May 2015
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