Letter of thanks from Glonass-M LLC
On behalf of the entire Company of Glonass-M LLC, Tyumen, I express my deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to the Italon LLC Company of Ulyanovsk.
Thank you for your cooperation. We sincerely welcome the opportunity to work with you. We are especially grateful to you and your team for decency, mutual assistance and a serious attitude to work. For hospitality and a tour of production.
We sincerely wish you and each of your employees professional growth, financial stability and reliable partners. We wish your company further development and new ideas.
We will try to ensure that in the future our partnerships remain mutually beneficial and fruitful.
Sincerely, Commercial Director of Glonass-M LLC L.N Vazhenina
L.N Vazhenina, Commercial Director of Glonass-M LLC
Letter of appreciation from Avtonaviks Group LLC
The Avtonaviks Group LLC thanks all the employees of the Italon LLC company for a conscientious, timely, responsible approach to business and for your professionalism. We are pleased that your company is working to improve its products, the quality of which is shown by excellent performance, ease of installation and lack of complaints. Your equipment for all the time of work has shown itself only on the good side. I can not help but note your close-knit team. Always ready to help, never forget about your partners. I wish you to continue to keep up to date and look forward to our further beneficial cooperation.
D.O. Cherpinsky, Technical Director of Avtonaviks Group LLC
Letter of appreciation from LLC "M2M Telematics Ryazan"
M2M Telematics Ryazan LLC expresses its gratitude to Italon LLC for many years of cooperation, as well as for the trouble-free and accurate operation of the fuel level sensors of their production.
I consider it possible to recommend the Italon LLC company as a qualified manufacturer and developer.
General Director of M2M Telematics Ryazan LLC A.V. Zhigunov
Letter of appreciation from LLC "GEOLID CENTER"
The company "GEOLID CENTER" expresses its gratitude to the company LLC
ITALON for cooperation in the supply of fuel level sensors.
We have been cooperating with ITALON for 2 years. During this time, the company
supplied our organization with about 200 Italon 1000 fuel level sensors.
High quality, guaranteed reliability of equipment, confirmed by the absence of
failure of equipment for 2 years.
We express gratitude and hope for fruitful cooperation in the future.
General Director of LLC GEOLID-CENTER Maximov E.S.
Letter of appreciation from AltaiGlonassMonitoring LLC
AltaiGlonassMonitoring thanks the team of ITALON.
Thank you for your diligent work and good partnership.
We are well aware that our success is primarily due to productive cooperation with you.
Thank you so much for your trust.
We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.
Director of AltaiGlonassMonitoring A.A. Trofimchuk
Letter of appreciation from Nova-Components LLC
The company Nova-Components LLC expresses its sincere gratitude to ITALON LLC.
During the period of our cooperation, we noted your competence, efficiency and desire to do your job efficiently and in a timely manner.
Your company has become for us the ideal of mutually beneficial cooperation. We want especially
mark your managers who promptly provide the necessary information and
answer all the questions in detail. We plan to continue to work with you on
the same positive note.
Thank you for your professionalism!
Director of Nova-Components LLC A. Nedelko
Letter of appreciation from LLC "OBS"
OBS LLC first tested fuel level sensors at the beginning of 2017. The sensor turned out to be convenient in installation and configuration. In the future, the FLS turned out to be very reliable to mechanical and electrical influences, easily interfaced with all trackers used.
We consider ITALON fuel level sensors to be one of the best in its price segment.
Director of OOO "OBS" Ivanov D.D.
Letter of appreciation from Alliance LLC
Our organization has been cooperating with Italon LLC since 2015.
During the collaboration, the company employees have proved themselves to be high professionals. The Italon company always delivered equipment on time, always provided competent technical support if necessary.
Italon’s fuel level sensors showed their best, as a result, our company completely switched to these sensors.
We recommend Italon as a reliable Partner.
General Director of Alliance LLC A.S. Ilyinykh
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